• And, GO!

    January 31, 2016 | Jodi
  • Launching on this blog journey means I will publicly state my own opinion. Scary. I’ve been conscious, in my responsible-adult-first-a-good-example-parent-and-then-a-professional way to be very careful about when, where, and how I express my opinions. “Don’t talk about politics or religion.” Sometimes it may be offensive. Other times, hurtful. Often – like at work – stating my opinion could be an obstacle.

    So, here I go, ready to write, hopeful that I can be helpful (or at least entertaining).

    What experiences has everybody had, generally speaking? A family problem. A health issue. A fear, or five. A breakup. A lonely holiday. A regret, or five.

    Chances are that what I have to say won’t “fix” anything. But I know there have been times when I have searched online, in book stores, and among friends, trying to find the words that will tell me I’m not alone, and there is hope that things will get better.

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