• Approved Clinical Supervisor

    Jodi has completed the 30-hour training required to achieve the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) credential. She completed her training through the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, a program recommended by the National Board of Certified Counselors. Jodi has been providing supervision for Limited License Professional Counselors (LLPC) since 2011.

    In keeping with the expectations of LPCs in the supervisory role, Jodi remains accessible to her supervisees via phone, text, email and in person during most times of the day and into the evening. She cultivates a warm and trusting atmosphere for her supervisees in order to encourage their confidence and skill.

  • Individual or Group Supervision

    Supervision focuses on case consultation, education, and occasionally counseling when a supervisee needs help processing. Some LLPCs prefer to meet one-on-one with Jodi. This is a great way to focus the entire session on just your practice.

    Other supervisees find they like to work collaboratively with other LLPCs, learning from their cases as well as the peer-supervision available in the group setting. Generally, it is up to the supervisees to put together their own group and contact me to set up meetings. Group size should be limited to 4 members.