• Q. How many sessions do I need to have?

    • That depends on what you feel you need. The average length of treatment is about 4-5 months. However, if you feel like you got what you need after a few sessions, you can stop coming.

    Q. How long are counseling sessions?

    • Individual sessions are an hour long. Couples' sessions are typically an hour and a half long. 

    Q. Do I have to tell you everything about my life going back to my childhood?

    • Probably not. I like to start with what's bothering you now. If you find there is a connection with something in your past, then we will probably talk about it.

    Q. I want to work on my relationship, but my partner won't come to counseling. What should I do?

    • Come by yourself. You can learn a lot of skills in individual counseling that may help your relationship.

    Q. I've heard that marriage counseling could actually hurt your marriage. Is that true?

    • You probably heard that from people who actually waited too long to see a counselor. The sooner you seek help, the less bitterness and resentment will build up between the two of you. Many couples wait to see a counselor as the last step before meeting with a divorce attorney. By then, it is far more challenging to repair the relationship.

    Q. What is the fee for a session?

    • Individual sessions are $100. Couples' and family sessions are $120.

    Q. I have insurance. What will my co-pay be?

    • That depends on a lot of factors - what your benefit coverage includes, whether you have met your deductible, etc. Call and give us your insurance information if you would like a benefit estimate.

    Q. What if I can't afford $100 sessions?

    • We offer a sliding fee scale based on your household income if you believe you cannot afford the standard fee. 

    Q. Can I pay with a credit card?

    • Yes. We accept MC, Visa, AmEx, and Discover.