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    Being in a satisfying relationship is not always easy. Jodi has worked extensively with couples experiencing a wide variety of relationship issues including -
    • Infidelity
    • Lack of Connection
    • Anger
    • Excessive Arguing
    • Sexual Issues
    • ​Communication Problems
  • What to Expect

    The main focus in couples counseling is repairing the relationship. It's not a matter of "fixing" one partner or the other. It always takes two people to create a relationship dynamic; it will also take two people to heal a fragile relationship. Couples counseling can be difficult and painful. But by reconnecting, learning to be authentic, and gaining new insights, couples can find their way toward a stronger, more satisfying relationship.


  • If you are looking for a pre-marriage program or you are already married but want a structured approach, we offer PREPARE / ENRICH. This is a program that starts with an online assessment tool. The counselor receives a report showing areas of focus for the couple. 

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